Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer 2010

Ok-so these pictures are posted backwards, but this was our first week of summer vacation. We headed to New Braunfels for the Sutherland-Rogers family reunion. We played with the cousins and also fished for crawfish using hotdog as bait. And it worked pretty well. Then we went with the cousins for the first of three days at SeaWorld, that night (Monday) the McGraths got into town and we hung out with them by the firepit toasting smores. The next day we spent with the McGraths at SeaWorld and the third day the Damiani's came and hung with us at SeaWorld. It was great fun. Then on our way out of town we had a swim day with Aunt Sylvia and then to dinner with she and Uncle Frank. We ate at Antler's Cafe-the WHOLE ceiling of the restaurant is covered in antlers. It's kinda cool. Had a great first week of summer!!

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Diane said...

I love the summer pictures! You are so cute Susan